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McNealy Lab Students on Study Abroad!
Bethan and Jennifer are having an incredible experience as the study in France and Spain this semester! Can't wait to hear about their adventures when they return.

The McNealy lab is all about adaptability. How do we react to the world around us? In particular how do microbes react to the world around them and how does that affect the way we react to them. The primary niche of most microbes however is a biofilm. In this environment, microbes can exist, persist, survive and adapt to a wide variety of factors.

The biofilms of man-made aquatic systems are our primary interest. Here bacteria, archaea, protozoa and fungi unite and interact. Not only do they interact with each other, but they also respond to a wide array of environmental conditions and contaminants. Understanding these interactions and reactions can lead to advances in how to control and eradicate biofilms as well as potentially identifying unique bacterial genes that can be targeted for development of antimicrobials and therapies. Our research therefore spans the spectrum of microbial ecology to pathogenic microbiology.

Our research is divided into three areas:

1. Applied Microbiology.

2. Community Microbiology.

3. Molecular Microbiology.

Click through our website to find out more and see some brilliant images and video of our current research. You’ll also find out more about the people in the lab, our activities, opportunities in the lab and our publications. Feel free to contact Dr. McNealy or any of the McNealy lab members with any questions.